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We're a collective of accessibility experts, each drawing from our in-depth knowledge and unique perspectives to offer you both comprehensive and genuine insights.

Our team includes a certified Accessibility Specialist (CPACC) and a community of Accessibility Consultants who identify as having a disability (or many). All our Consultants are everyday users of accessible technologies, and their lived experiences enrich our team's ability to identify accessibility issues and provide genuinely inclusive solutions that welcome everyone. They're also Content Creators who actively share and participate within the accessibility community through their various social media platforms.

Assistive technology coverage

Blind & low vision

  • Screen readers
  • Text-to-speech
  • Braille displays
  • Magnification

Mobility disabilities

  • Switch control
  • Speech recognition
  • Headmouse

Chronic health conditions

  • Speech recognition

Light sensitivity & sensory processing

  • Dark mode
  • Colour inversion
  • Magnification

d/Deaf and hard of hearing

  • Visual alerts
  • Transcripts
  • Captioning

Neurodiversties & developmental disabilities

  • Text-to-speech
  • Screen readers
  • Speech recognition
Laetitia is a 32-year old white woman with long, dark blond hair and is wearing a blue tank top. The Pacific Ocean is in the background.


Laetitia Bonaldo

Creator & Accessibility Specialist (CPACC)

Laetitia is the Creator of Easy Surf and a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies (CPACC). She provides ongoing auditing and consultation for businesses and clients, including MS Canada.

She worked for 7 years in the technology industry, focusing on technical writing, product content, and localization.

She has extensive experience working with developers, designers, researchers, quality assurance testers, and product managers.

Noah Senecal-Junkeer

Team Lead & Consultant

Due to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), he uses speech recognition software and a headmouse on his computer or mobile device.

He's experienced in providing accessibility feedback to Designers and Developers, including those from Fortune 500 companies.

Before becoming an Accessibility Consultant, he was a Research Analyst at Scotiabank and Jarislowky Fraser. He’s also a mentor for Inclusion BC.

Noah is a 33-year old man with shoulder-length, dark brown hair and is wearing a blue button-down shirt. The Pacific Ocean is in the background.


Tamara is a 31-year old female with white blond long wavy hair and blue eyes. She is smiling at the camera wearing a bright blue blazer and black top.


Tamara Vandendool Cable

Business Development Lead & Consultant

Tamara has over 15 years of experience as a consultant, lecturer, and developer.

Legally blind since birth and having lost most of her remaining vision in her early teens, she has been a lifelong user of assistive technology.

She works with various clients, from mom-and-pop businesses to educational institutions and Fortune 500 companies.

Victor Dima

Communication Specialist & Consultant

Victor Dima, a blind journalist specializing in gaming, technology, and entertainment, is an Accessibility Consultant known internationally.

Collaborating with Nordic PR agencies, publishers, and developers, he promotes universal design and accessibility. He also has partnerships with Mi5 Communications and Xbox Nordic.

Victor has a considerable impact within the disabled gaming community, garnering tens of thousands of impressions for his reviews on LinkedIn and Twitter, including for titles like "God of War Ragnarok" and "The Last of Us Part I." His YouTube channel also has over 1.5k subscribers.

He lives in Oslo with his wife Alina.

Victor is a man with shaved hair and brown eyes. He's looking at the camera and is wearing a blue Horizon Forbidden West shirt and a dark yellow button up.


Juan is a man with shaved hair and brown eyes. He is smiling at the camera wearing a blue t-shirt.


Juan Alcazar

Accessibility Consultant

Juan Alcazar is a legally blind Accessibility Consultant, filmmaker, and content creator.

In 2017, he began his disability journey on YouTube after openly discussing his sight loss on his channel.

He's now an advocate for accessibility and hopes to spread the word about disability and blindness through the medium of film and video.

Rikki Poynter

Content Specialist & Consultant

Rikki is a writer, public speaker, and content creator. Her YouTube content explores her journey growing up as a mainstreamed deaf person trying to find her deaf identity and community while navigating an inaccessible world.

Her work has gotten the attention of many news outlets, and she has worked with Apple, Firefox, Samsung, Google, and more. She specializes in ASL, captioning and D/deaf accessibility.

Rikki is a woman with medium length blond hair. She's wearing an olive green shirt, a leopard print blazer with the cuffs rolled up, and red lipstick. She's holding a microphone and is talking to the audience at a speaking event.


Mike is a man with brown eyes and short brown hair with sidebangs. He's wearing a purple tuque with the Xbox logo and a purple hoodie that reads Quad Squad. There's a microphone on a boom to his left, a television behind him, and he's smiling at the camera.


Mike Luckett

Community and Tech Specialist & Consultant

In 2011, while serving as an active duty officer in the US Army, Mike was involved in a motorcycle accident and received a spinal cord injury, leaving him a C6 quadriplegic.

Medically retired from the Army at the rank of Captain, he made it his new mission to be an active advocate for spinal cord injuries and a volunteer in his community, giving newly diagnosed spinal cord injury patients a catalyst in rehabilitation. 

You can catch him live streaming on Twitch, as MikeTheQuad, where he loudly advocates for accessibility in gaming.

Milan Patel

Accessibility Consultant

Milan Patel is an Accessibility Consultant, accessibility tester, graphic designer, and content creator.

He was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) before his first birthday. He uses speech recognition and a sensitive mouse to control his computer and mobile devices.

Living with a progressive disease, gaming has been something he could always do with friends. He has slowly adapted his setup over the years to his current setup where he incorporates voice commands.

He streams his gameplay on Twitch to show how he games and the importance of accessibility in gaming.

Milan is a man with brown eyes and glasses. He's wearing a grey hoodie over his head and is sitting in a wheelchair with a strap around his chest and a ventilation tube near his head. He's looking to the left of the camera and is smiling.


Noah Fishel is a man with brown eyes and a shaved head. He's wearing a grey button-up shirt and is smiling as he takes a selfie.


Noah Fishel

UX Research Lead

With 35+ years of passion for games and 14 years of experience as a consulting UX Researcher, Noah focuses on making video games fun and easier to understand.

He has a Masters Degree in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University. 

Elisabeth Sivertsen (Arevya)

Events Specialist & Consultant

Arevya is a disabled and chronically ill content creator and Accessibility Consultant from Norway. She's a variety streamer who focuses on making a wholesome, positive and safe space online.

As a disabled person, she has a passion for the industry to be more accessible and for gamers to know the benefits of accessible games. She believes wholeheartedly that gaming is for everyone. Accessibility should be a huge part of both the gaming space and the streaming space, and it is in everyone's best interest to work towards a more accessible community.

Arevya is a woman with mid-length dark red hair. She has a green-to-white gradient eyeshadow on her eyelids, fuchsia eyeshadow in the corner of her eyes, delicate liquid liner wings, and light red lipstick. She’s smiling widely at the camera.


Dani is a woman with short white curly hair. She's wearing cat-eye glasses with tortoise shell and purple frames and medium pink lipstick. She's resting her chin on her hand and smiling widely.


Danielle (Dani) Moulds

Accessibility Consultant

Dani is the creator of Albinism Up Close, covering albinism, visual impairments, and accessibility. Born with albinism and light sensitivity, she advocates for disability rights, accessibility, and mental health.

With a master's in clinical mental health counseling, her work spans accessibility consulting in gaming, education, and various digital and physical platforms.

Passionate about making video games and tabletop role-playing games accessible, she sees them as beneficial for players of all abilities.

Lindsey Cunningham

Accessibility Consultant

Lindsey is an Accessibility Consultant for Easy Surf and identifies as having a developmental disability. She's passionate about making the internet more accessible so that people with disabilities can be independent. She also started her daycare.

Lindsey is a woman with medium length, light brown hair. She's wearing glasses, a dark sweater, and has a slight smile.

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