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We make it easy to genuinely include people with disabilities in the creation of your website or video game.

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Digital accessibility by experts with disabilities

We work with teams to deliver the actionable insights and guidance that they need to build welcoming experiences. Unlock the true potential of your products and services to connect with the world.

Accessibility helps everyone. But accessibility alone is only half of the challenge. A welcoming experience that anticipates needs and treats everyone equally is meaningfully different and impactful.

Boost your brand

52% of Americans actively consider company values before making a purchase.

62% of Canadians say they would be more likely to give their business to a company if they knew they supported people with disabilities.

Expand your market

27% of Canadians have a disability. That’s about 8 million people.

20% of youth ages 15-24 have a disability, and nearly one quarter of adults. Making websites accessible benefits people without disabilities, too— like the aging population.

Reduce legal risks

In 2022, there were 3,255 lawsuits against inaccessible websites filed under the Americans with Disability Act—a 12% increase since 2021.

Desktop websites represent 97% of digital accessibility lawsuits under ADA.

Push innovation

Accessibility doesn’t hinder innovation.

It is innovation. Everyday inventions that benefit everyone like typewriters, emails, video captions, and curb cuts were originally created for people with disabilities.

Your complete accessibility team

Our tightly-knit, agile team of international experts is diverse in experience and rich in knowledge. Our attentive, adaptive and genuinely inclusive approach is what sets us apart.

We’re founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, and operate remotely across the world.

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