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Open up a world of experiences through the joy of playing video games.

How we can help

Games matter. They're not just entertainment—they build worlds, forge friendships, and enrich lives. This is especially true for players with disabilities, who often face the challenge of isolation.

At Easy Surf, we understand the power of games because we're players too—players with disabilities. We use our lived experiences, knowledge of successes, and community connections to help make accessibility a pillar of your game. Our approach? Incorporate accessibility early and steadily. We don't chase perfection, we aim for meaningful progress, knowing each step welcomes more players and raises expectations. Because the future of gaming welcomes everyone.

Why work with us

People with disabilities are gamers

450 million gamers identify as having a disability or an impairment.

We can help you anticipate their accessibility needs and welcome them into your next game.

Gamers care about accessibility

82% of gamers think accessibility options in games are important.

We can help you create the accessibility options they want—and likely need—to access and enjoy playing your games.

Gamers with disabilities connect online

86% of gamers with disabilities connect in groups or communities related to games—the same ones our Accessibility Consultants participate in.

We can help share your accessibility improvements and engage within these communities.

Accessible games are successful and cherished

Join the likes of widely successful and cherished AAA and indie games:

  • Last of Us Part I and II
  • Forza Motorsport
  • Mortal Kombat 1
  • Diablo IV
  • Stories of Blossom
  • As Dusk Falls
  • Brock the Investigator

We can help you incorporate accessibility early and increase your odds for success through genuine feedback from gamers with disabilities.

Our services

Make your game welcoming to everyone with our services:

  • Accessibility consulting (1-on-1 interviews)
  • Accessibility playtesting
  • Accessibility assessment
A female presenting gamer holding a video game controller. They have long medium-blond hair and their left hand is bionic. They're wearing a beige hoodie and a pair of jeans. They're casually sitting on their couch.